Sherwoods Global offers a comprehensive consultancy service relating to aircraft acquisitions and sales. With many years of experience in the aviation industry, our team is qualified to dispense impartial advice on designing and building airports, as well as acquiring and managing aircraft. We also advice on finance, recruitment and eventual sale of aviation assets, with our client’s best interests in mind.

Airport Build and Designing

We advise clients on all matters relating to the design and construction of airports. Our team has an in-depth understanding of all aspects of airport design and operation, from policy and finance to carbon management and sustainability. We’ll see your airport through from conception to completion, providing technical and strategic support to clients throughout.

Aircraft Acquisition

The acquisition of aircraft comes with a multitude of legal, contractual and administrative requirements, not to mention the actual selection and delivery of the aircraft itself. Our outstanding reputation in aircraft acquisitions has been hard-won over many years, through supporting many clients in this complex transaction.

Aircraft Management

Aircraft management is essential – and our team are ready to assist with every aspect of management, care and maintenance. We provide diagnostics, valuations and appraisals, as well as advising on fleet management, minimizing costs and ensuring full operational availability.


We’ve developed close links with international banks and local partners in order to provide finance options for aircraft acquisitions. With a number of options available, including operating lease, finance lease and lease to purchase, we’ll evaluate each different pathway on your behalf as we assist you in making this important decision.


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Aircraft for Sale

The remarketing of an aircraft at any point in its lifecycle is a complex process. Our team are on hand to assist, as we seek to maximize ROI and take care of each step of the transaction, from the initial bids and proposals to the eventual delivery of the aircraft itself.

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