About Us

Words from the Global CEO

Iseeb Rehman, CEO of Sherwoods, was born with business in his blood. Growing up in the investor’s haven of London, he purchased his first property shortly after graduating, and then quickly bought another, and another…

Iseeb established Sherwoods in the mid-1980s, and relocated to Dubai in 1988. Drawing from his experiences on London’s investment market, Iseeb brought a fresh perspective to Dubai, building on the sense of dynamism and growth that was already apparent in this burgeoning market.

Iseeb therefore has twenty solid years of experience working in the UAE and further beyond. Over this time, he has built up a stellar network of contacts and investment partners, with contacts all over the GCC. These contacts are leveraged regularly to ensure that Sherwoods clients are given early access to the finest deals and the most exclusive properties and assets.

With so much time spent in Dubai, Iseeb now labels the city his second home, and he benefits from an unparalleled knowledge of both London markets and UAE markets. With such a breadth of knowledge, Iseeb now offers elite consultancy services in both regions, helping other investors to make the most of their assets, as Iseeb has done throughout his life.

“My intimate knowledge of the UK market helped me to build a solid base in the investment industry – a foundation that I felt was better utilised in the up-and-coming economic climate of Dubai. I still have a deep-rooted love of England, but Dubai now feels just as much like home,” he says.

A life-long Chelsea fan, an advisor on an entire airline’s creation and a Formula 1 enthusiast, Iseeb has many interests, but his first and biggest love remains the property market.

Mansour Malik is an international lawyer who once practiced law in London. He has extensive experience consulting international corporate clients. He is regularly invited to participate in international lectures and seminars, as well as TV and radio programs.

Mansour is owner and chairman of The International Diplomat Magazine in UAE. He is also owner of the diplomat business Club UAE & UK. Director of International Business Network Dubai UAE. Among Mansour,s important clients have been Fairbane private Bank, NED Bank , Friends private International , Sthree and Huxleys , GWM insurance and others.

He enjoys an extensive network of highly proficient, professional and influential contacts worldwide. He strongly believes and places paramount importance on integrity, reputation and professionalism. He gives great value to moral and ethical practices in private and professional life.

Mission : Promote peace and love to unite mankind as one human family on the global planet of Earth.

Specialties: Advice and assistance to international corporate and individual clients in establishing their presence in Gulf region - UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in acquiring their commercial licenses and registrations as a branch. Also, assisting in company formations and corporate matters. Preparing general reports, feasibility studies, business plans, acquiring businesses and sponsorship assisting in Public relations ,marketing and advertising. Speaker: corporate conferences and seminars, author & writer.